At ELES, we pride ourselves on our expert native knowledge of the language. English is used world wide, but it is often simplified or incorrect English, there are so many ways in which it can catch you out. There are a lot of peculiar spelling, grammar and pronunciation rules that don't always apply, like "I before E except after C". There are words that sound and are spelled the same but can have two different, even opposite meanings. Some words sound the same but are spelled differently. There are different adaptations of English, the main ones being the British and US variants. With 40 dialects in the UK and 24 in the US, there are additional challenges.

With its quirks and intricacies, it can be a difficult language to navigate, but that's where we at ELES can help in a number of ways. The services we offer are all tailored to suit the individual in both ability and required result.

Our TEFL teacher is qualified to Level 5 TEFL & Grammar standard, UK & US recognised:

ESP (English for a Specific Purpose)



​No matter what your knowledge of English; from absolute beginner to fluent, we can help you improve. Whatever your reason, whether it's a holiday, a business trip, to impress a client, or if you intend to live in an English speaking country, we can help you. Being native speakers, we are familiar with the colloquialisms and dialects. Our aim is to get you to the exact level you want to attain.

ELES caters for all ages of student. We teach children who want a little extra help, as some children are less receptive to learning language than others so would benefit from one-to-one tuition. Additionally, we specialise in helping professionals who use English in the course of their work, or would like to! As the language is used worldwide, it's often a medium of communication between people of different nationalities, as such, it is a very useful asset for those wishing to enhance their career prospects. Our courses adhere to The Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).


​If you are looking to create a website, a business letter or email, or a social media campaign, simply tell us what you want to say and we will write it for you. We can make it dynamic, or we can make it flourish. As we have a Social Media Master on board, we are also able to conduct Social Media and email marketing campaigns for you!


If you have a website that's not in your native language, the chances are that some aspects of that language will be unfamiliar to you. Let us help you to impress your prospective clients. We also assist with all forms of documentation, contracts, and business correspondence. A full editing service is also available.


With a growing bank of native speakers from around the world, we are now able to offer translation for a wide selection, including:

Greek (Cypriot)






If you have translation requirements in any other language then please ask!

All of our services are available online, so your location is not a problem. We have a competitive pricing structure, which is subject to your requirements so please contact us on the link below for a quotation.